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NYS Public Health Corps COVID-19 Supplemental Training Program

This is the program description page for the NYS Public Health Corps COVID-19 Supplemental Training Program. If you need, or would like, to participate in this program you must enroll in all of the program courses. Scroll to the bottom of the page to review the program course table and click on the button labeled "One Click Program Enrollment."

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Program Description

About the New York State Public Health Corps Fellowship Program

This Program is intended for NYS Public Health Corps (NYSPHC) Fellow Applicants only. Please don't enroll in this program unless directed to do so following completion of the Cornell Public Health Essentials Course Zero. Enrollment in this program requires enrollment in all six (6) component courses.  


About the New York State Public Health Corps Fellowship Program 

In the 2021 State of the State, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the establishment of the first New York State Public Health Corps (NYSPHC) that will build public health capacity and provide immediate support to assist with COVID-19 response and vaccination efforts and increase preparedness for future public health emergencies. The Governor directed the NYS Department of Health (NYSDOH) to work with community partners to recruit and deploy up to 1,000 fellows to participate in the NYSPHC Program. 

Fellowship applicants will complete the introductory course of the Public Health Essentials Certificate from Cornell University, then will be asked to complete this NYSPHC COVID-19 Supplemental Program which is made up of New York State Department of Health COVID-19 covering: 

·        POD Operations Staff Training 

·        Background on COVID-19 Vaccines 

·        COVID-19 Vaccine Considerations, Patient Screening, Education, and Consent 

·        COVID-19 Vaccine Administration, Anaphylaxis, and Post-Vaccination Information 

·        COVID-19 Vaccine Shipping, Storage, and Handling 

·        Privacy and Security of Health Information in New York State 


To enroll in this program  

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the “enroll in Program” button. On the resultant page, scroll down below the Course Status Table and enroll in each component course in the program. Once you are enrolled in the program and each component course, the preferred way to interact with the program is through My Courses (5th tile, menu on left) > Current Programs area (5th tab, top-center of screen).  Note: Current Programs area will organize and separate your courses from any non-program coursework you may be enrolled in. It also provides you with an enhanced set of tools. The courses will also be made available to you under My Current Courses in the upper right corner of your Homepage, 

and in My Courses > Current Courses area. 



If you have any questions about use of the NYLearnsPH.com LMS or the NYSPHC COVID-19 Supplemental Training Program please email edlearn@health.ny.gov. If you have any questions about the NYSPHC Fellowship program please email NYSPublicHealthCorps@health.ny.gov.  For more information on the NYSPHC Fellowship Program please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) at https://www.ny.gov/new-york-state-public-health-corps/new-york-state-public-health-corps#faqs 

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Course Status Table

StatusDateCourseCourse #FormatsCategory
NYSDOH-COVID-19-POD NYSDOH COVID-19 POD Operations Training for POD StaffNYSDOH-COVID-19-POD Self-paced Courses Emergency Preparedness