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Title V Health Equity Training Series

This is the program description page for the Title V Health Equity Training Series. If you need, or would like, to participate in this program you must enroll in all of the program courses. Scroll to the bottom of the page to review the program course table and click on the button labeled "Begin Program Enrollment."


No credits.

Program Description

Health Departments are increasingly serving as leaders in addressing the root causes of health inequities throughout the communities we serve.  This requires much examination of current systems, policies and practices.  How do we ensure success at targeting the people who most need our services?  Are we collaborating with community stakeholders to determine the best approach to making a true impact on those who are most in need?   How do we support true, meaningful community partnerships?

The Title V Health Equity Training Series is designed to provide guidance and tools to help you identify workforce competencies, and a framework to improve your knowledge and understanding of health inequities in our daily work.

After completing this training series, Division of Family Health staff will be able to:
- Define and describe the concept of health equity – what it is, why it matters, and how it relates to and differs from the concepts of health disparities and social determinants of health
- Identify how social determinants of health impact the health, productivity and wellbeing of maternal and child health (MCH) populations in New York State
- Explain how health literacy influences and affects the health and wellness of MCH populations in NYS
- Recognize his/her role in addressing health disparities, health literacy, and health equity within the Title V Program
- Employ strategies to advance health equity in his/her work


No prerequisites.


No co-sponsor.

Enrollment for Title V Health Equity Training Series. If you have already enrolled in this program, each course below can be completed via My Courses - Current Courses or My Courses - Current Programs tab.