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2020 Supervising Public Health Nurse (SPHN) CE Program

This is the program description page for the 2020 Supervising Public Health Nurse (SPHN) CE Program. If you need, or would like, to participate in this program you must enroll in all of the program courses. Scroll to the bottom of the page to review the program course table and click on the button labeled "Begin Program Enrollment."



Program Description

**Completely VOLUNTARY During COVID-19 Response**

Welcome to the 2020 Supervising Public Health Nurse (SPHN) Continuing Education (CE) Program. This NEW version of the SPHN CE Program is an update and replaces previous SPHN CE Programs. 

NOTE: THIS REQUIRMENT IS SUSPENDED DURING COVID-19 Response.  Questions: Email edlearn@health.ny.gov or call 518-473-4223 and select Tom Reizes or Abbey Greenbaum from the phone tree.


Changes made to the State Sanitary Code in 2008 require Local Health Department staff hired to the Public Health Nurse 2 (PHN2) and Supervising Public Health Nurse (SPHN) titles to complete 15 hours of continuing education within their first year of employment.  PHN2 and SPHN Continuing Education Programs on the NYLearnsPH.com LMS were developed to assist these staff in meeting this requirement.

Intended Audience for SPHN CE Program:

  • SPHNs hired after August 20, 2008, who have not yet completed a previous version of the SPHN CE Program.
  • Temporarily discontinued requirement: Such SPHNs must complete the program within their first year of employment.   
  • ALL SPHNs are encouraged to take the program.
  • SPHNs who have not completed the PHN2 CE Program are encouraged to do so.

This Continuing Education Program covers key competency domains of public health nursing, including:

  • Basic Public Health Science
  • Community Dimensions of Practice
  • Cultural Competency
  • Analytic Assessment*
  • Communication

It also addresses new strategic skills such as:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Change Management 
  • Diversity and Inclusion*
  • Policy Engagement

Courses: This program consists of thirteen (13) interactive online courses (~15.75h). 


  • The Program must be completed within the individual’s first year of employment. 
  • The program content is updated every few years. All Supervising Public Health Nurses are encouraged to enroll in the new versions and complete any new courses.
  • If a newly hired Supervising Public Health Nurse should have any difficulty completing the program within the first year of employment, they should contact LMS Administration at edlearn@health.ny.gov.

Enrolling in the Program:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the program description page, you will find a Course Status Table displaying your status for each course in the program. 
  2. To enroll in the program you must click on the “Begin Program Enrollment” button below the course status table.
  3. On the new page you must scroll down beneath the course status table and enroll for each program course that you are not yet enrolled in or have not yet completed.

If you have completed any of the included program courses outside of the LMS, they may not be displayed as complete on the LMS.  To correct this, please contact the LMS administrator at edlearn@health.ny.gov and include electronic copies of any relevant completion certificates.

If you have any questions about the Continuing Education requirement, program/course enrollment or completion, email edlearn@health.ny.gov or call 518-473-4223 and select Tom Reizes or Abbey Greenbaum from the phone tree.




No co-sponsor.

Enrollment for 2020 Supervising Public Health Nurse (SPHN) CE Program. If you have already enrolled in this program, each course below can be completed via My Courses - Current Courses or My Courses - Current Programs tab.

Course Status Table

StatusDateCourseCourse #FormatsCategory
LowerNYS-AdvPE Advanced Program EvaluationLowerNYS-AdvPE Online Core Public Health
NYNJ-068c Practicing Cross-Cultural Communication: Community Health Workers (Module C)NYNJ-068c Online Minority Health & Health Disparities Prevention
NYNJ-118 Mastering the Roles of SupervisionNYNJ-118 Online Administration
Reg2PHTC-Childhood Obesity A Systems Approach to Understanding Childhood ObesityReg2PHTC-Childhood Obesity Online Core Public Health
Reg2PHTC-CI1 Collective Impact Part 1: Common Agenda and Shared MeasuresReg2PHTC-CI1 Online Administration
Reg2PHTC-CI2 Collective Impact Part 2: Mutually Reinforcing Activities, Continuous Communication, and Backbone Support Reg2PHTC-CI2 Online Administration
Reg2PHTC-L2L201908 Log-In2Learn - Policy Engagement: An Essential Role for Public Health Agencies in Public Health 3.0 Reg2PHTC-L2L201908 Online Administration
Reg2PHTC-L2L202003 Log-In2Learn - Trauma Informed Systems ChangeReg2PHTC-L2L202003 Online Minority Health & Health Disparities Prevention
Reg2PHTC-Persuasive Communication Strategic Skills Training Series: Introduction to Persuasive CommunicationReg2PHTC-Persuasive Communication Online Core Public Health
Reg2PHTC-PolicyEngagement Strategic Skills Training Series: Introduction to Policy Engagement Reg2PHTC-PolicyEngagement Online Core Public Health
SCP-1021 Community Partnerships and Perspectives: AdvancedSCP-1021 Online Core Public Health
SCP-1159 Managerial Communications for Supervising Public Health Nurses (formerly SCP-1032.1)SCP-1159 Online Communication