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New York / New Jersey Communication Strategies Program

This is the program description page for the New York / New Jersey Communication Strategies Program. If you need, or would like, to participate in this program you must enroll in all of the program courses. Scroll to the bottom of the page to review the program course table and click on the button labeled "Begin Program Enrollment."


No credits.

Program Description

The courses that make up the Communication Strategies Program present a new framework for communication in difficult situations. This framework shifts focus away from managing “difficult” people towards an understanding of the process of difficult conversations and accepting responsibility for one’s own performance.

Enrolling in the Program:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the program description page, you will find a Course Status Table displaying your status for each course in the program. 
  2. To enroll in the program you must click on the “Begin Program Enrollment” button below the course status table.
  3. On the resultant page you must scroll down beneath the course status table and enroll for each program course that you are not yet enrolled in or have not yet completed.

If you have any questions about the program/course enrollment or completion, email edlearn@health.ny.gov or call 518-473-4223 and ask to speak with Tom Reizes or Abbey Greenbaum.


There are no prerequisites.


No co-sponsor.

Enrollment for New York / New Jersey Communication Strategies Program. If you have already enrolled in this program, each course below can be completed via My Courses - Current Courses or My Courses - Current Programs tab.