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2018 CSP Contractor Training Program

This is the program description page for the 2018 CSP Contractor Training Program. If you need, or would like, to participate in this program you must enroll in all of the program courses. Scroll to the bottom of the page to review the program course table and click on the button labeled "Begin Program Enrollment."


No credits.

Program Description

This program consists of 11 courses, all of which are required for all CSP contractor staff. You must enroll and complete all courses, even if you have completed a previous version of the course.

We recommend completing the courses in order, i.e., begin with #CSP/100-18-01 (Introduction to Public Health), then complete #CSP/100-18-02 (Overview of the CSP and the Bureau of Cancer Prevention & Control), etc.

Depending upon your CSP role, you may be assigned to complete additional LMS courses. Your Program Coordinator or Regional Manager will provide guidance on which courses you should complete.

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please click the link to send an email to CanServ@health.ny.gov or call 518-474-1222.




No co-sponsor.

Enrollment for 2018 CSP Contractor Training Program. If you have already enrolled in this program, each course below can be completed via My Courses - Current Courses or My Courses - Current Programs tab.

Course Status Table

StatusDateCourseCourse #FormatsCategory
CSP/100-18-01 Introduction to Public HealthCSP/100-18-01 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-02 Overview of the CSP and the Bureau of Cancer Prevention & ControlCSP/100-18-02 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-03 Protecting Confidential InformationCSP/100-18-03 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-04 Clinical Basics of CancerCSP/100-18-04 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-05 Clinical Basics of Cancer: Cervical CancerCSP/100-18-05 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-06 Clinical Basics of Cancer: Breast CancerCSP/100-18-06 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-07 Clinical Basics of Cancer: Colorectal CancerCSP/100-18-07 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-08 Introduction to PETO for the CSPCSP/100-18-08 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-09 Introduction to CSP Intake & Eligibility AssessmentCSP/100-18-09 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-10 Introduction to Case Management, Patient Navigation, and the Medicaid Cancer Treatment ProgramCSP/100-18-10 Online Chronic Disease
CSP/100-18-11 CSP Credentialing and Quality AssuranceCSP/100-18-11 Online Chronic Disease