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TB-253c Advanced Concepts in Pediatric TB: Diagnosis - Old and New Tools & Challenges

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Entesar Husain, MD  

Course Description

In part three of this 8-part series, the Pediatric ID Board Certifying Examination Content related to TB is presented by expert speakers via case-based, interactive live webinars. The series goes beyond basic TB concepts while following the pediatric ID guidelines. This session focuses on diagnosis.  


  • Describe old and new tools used in the diagnosis of TB in children.
  • Understand advantages and limitations of each tool in detection and diagnosis of TB.
  • Know the different samples that can be used to diagnose TB.
  • Identify the indications for examination of the cerebrospinal fluid in a patient with symptomatic tuberculosis.
  • Evaluate a patient with suspected TB infection.

For a link to the slides handout go to:  https://sntc.medicine.ufl.edu//Content/Webinars/SupportingDocs//0Final_Peds_Diagnosis_%2010-23-14.pdf

Transcript:  https://sntc.medicine.ufl.edu//Content/Webinars/SupportingDocs//Diagnosis%20-%20Husain.pdf

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Keywords:  TB, tuberculosis, TB disease, MTB, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Latent TB infection, LTBI, Latent Tuberculosis Infection, MTB complex, children, infants, pediatrician, diagnosis, IGRA, TST, tuberculin skin test, interferon gamma release assay, chest x-ray, radiology, CT, T-Spot, Quantiferon-TB Gold, smear, culture, PCR, gastric aspirate, pathology


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1 hours


Additional courses in TB pediatric series are TB-253a, TB-253b, TB-253d, TB-253e, TB-253f, TB-253g, TB-253h

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