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NYSDOH-COVID-19-HIPAA Privacy and Security of Health Information in New York State

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Course Description


Any health information that could identify a particular individual is Protected Health Information, or PHI. Protected Health Information can be spoken, written or entered into a computer. For example, the fact that a patient has a particular diagnosis, received a particular treatment or is enrolled in a particular health insurance program is PHI.

Even if the information does not contain an individual's name, if it contains other identifying information, such as a date of birth, or a date of admission to a specific hospital, it is still PHI under HIPAA.

You are taking this training because you may need to use or disclose Protected Health Information to do your job. The HIPAA rules allow you to use and disclose PHI for the purpose of treatment, payment or health care operations, which is just another way of saying you are allowed to use and disclose PHI as needed to do your job.

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This course is best viewed using the Chrome or Firefox web browsers.  

Successful completion of this course will require completing the HIPAA Training Attestation quiz and achieving a score of 100%.  

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2 hours



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  • NYS Public Health Corps COVID-19 Supplemental Training Program
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