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Course Description

SCP-0218 Advanced Leadership and Practice – Part II

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Course Description


 Advanced Leadership and Practice – Part II

Instructor: Peter M. Ginter, PhD & Andy Rucks, PhD

Course Description

Dramatic change will occur in public health and health care in the next decade. This course provides public health practitioners and other health care providers with the leadership skills necessary to work effectively in the change environment at a community, state or regional level. These leadership skills are essential for designing and advocating for programs and policies necessary to promote health.

Learning Objectives

• To describe and discuss what leaders do

• To understand the need for a clear, exciting vision for an organization

• To identify the characteristics and components of effective visions

• To understand the need for and role of effective missions

• To identify the characteristics and components of effective missions

• To understand the ends-means relationship of mission, vision and goals and how they narrow the scope of the organization

• To show that new goals will have to be adopted for programs when the vision and mission change

• To identify strategies for understanding and supporting a consistent vision

• To understand that creating coalitions is a process of developing common interests and goals

• To identify important stakeholders

To understand that organization and leadership are essential if coalitions are to be maintained and achieve their purpose


Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals *Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice

5B4. Facilitates collaboration and partnerships to ensure participation of key stakeholders

8B3. Participates with stakeholders in identifying key values and a shared vision as guiding principles for community action

8B4. Analyzes internal and external problems that may affect the delivery of Essential Public Health Services

8B8. Modifies organizational practices in consideration of changes in the public health system, and the larger social, political, and economic environment.

Average Completion Time

1 hours



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