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Course Description

SCP-1159 Managerial Communications for Supervising Public Health Nurses (formerly SCP-1032.1)

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Course Description

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All General Users/Learners

Supervising Public Health Nurse Curriculum Participant

Please send a message through the course’s messaging system.  You will need to attach a scanned or other electronic (PDF, etc) copy of your certificate of completion.

Instructor: Timothy Keogh, PhD

On completion of this course, the user will be able to demonstrate written and oral communication skills that are needed as a leader in a health department by: identifying communication skills, listing effective presentation skills, and distinguishing different writing techniques.

Learning Objectives:

Module 1: Effective Interpersonal Communication
• Distinguish the fundamental elements of a message
• Explain the message model
• Identify tangible and intangible barriers
• Distinguish the levels of listening
• Describe the guides to good listening
• Explain the key points of basic interpersonal communication


Council on Linkages Core PH Competency Domain(s) attributed by OPHP:

  • 1 - Analytical/ Assessment Skills
  • 3 - Communication Skills
  • 8 - Leadershup and Systems Thinking Skills


Updated 4/7/2017

Co-sponsored By

  • South Central Public Health Partnership
  • Average Completion Time

    1.5 hours



    Associated Programs (Explain)

  • Supervising Public Health Nurse Continuing Ed
  • 2012 Supervising Public Health Nurse Continuing Education Program
  • 2018 Supervising Public Health Nurse (SPHN) CE Program
  • 2020 Supervising Public Health Nurse (SPHN) CE Program
  • Course Competencies

    There are no competencies currently assigned to this course