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Course Description

CTI-300 version 3.0 Integrated Health Alerting Network System (IHANS) Training & Certification

Enrollment DeadlineSectionCourse FormatStart/End Dates Details Instructor(s)Speakers
June 15, 9-12pm Online with Attendance 6/15/2021 to 6/15/2021 Meeting Times
May 20 , 1-4 pm Online with Attendance 5/20/2021 to 5/20/2021 Meeting Times
April 16, 9-12 pm Online with Attendance 4/16/2021 to 4/16/2021 Meeting Times
March 24, 1-4pm Online with Attendance 3/24/2021 to 3/24/2021 Meeting Times
Feb 17, 9-12pm Online with Attendance 2/17/2021 to 2/17/2021 Meeting Times
Jan 18, 1-4pm Online with Attendance 1/18/2021 to 1/18/2021 Meeting Times
Dec 15, 9-12pm Online with Attendance 12/15/2020 to 12/15/2020 Meeting Times
Enrollment deadline has passed.
Nov 23 , 1-4 pm Online with Attendance 11/23/2020 to 11/23/2020 Meeting Times

Course Description

This course covers all information necessary to begin the certification process for using the Integrated Health Alerting & Notification System.

Participants will receive hands on practice with the tools and be offered an opportunity to complete certification.

Users who wish to complete certification are strongly encourage to send an advance message to any audience they may broadcast to as part of the certification process. Typically course participants broadcast a sample notification to their HIN Coordinators (LHDs) or Directory Coordinators (NYSDOH).

Course Co-sponsored By

  • Commerce Training Institute
  • Prerequisites

    Approval from your County Commissioner or Public Health Director. NYSDOH employees require the approval of their bureau director or  equivalent. Approval can be granted by sending an email to valerie.shuba@health.ny.gov.

    NOTE:  If you have already been certified in IHANS, you will have IHANS listed in "My Applications" on the the Health Commerce Systems and may participate in the first 90 minutes of the session for a refresher.

    Course Competencies

    There are no competencies currently assigned to this course