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AFPHS-202306 AFPHS Training June 2023 Collecting, Analyzing, & Translating Data

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Course Description

Collecting, analyzing, and translating robust data that captures the health of older adults can be invaluable in developing new partnerships and identifying strategies to support older adult health and well-being. Some state departments of health already provide comprehensive older adult data profiles, and some are just starting the process.

The June training focused on collecting, analyzing, and translating data by highlighting data sources that provide information on the health of older adults. Speakers included::

  • Dr. Machell Town, Branch Chief, Population Health Surveillance Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Dr. Kristen Robinson, Social Science Analyst, Administration for Community Living
  • Matthias Kirch, Statistician Staff Specialist, Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation & Health Informatics Specialist, Michigan Social Health Interventions to Eliminate Disparities  

We also invite you to read our blog posts related to our trainings, view recordings of previous sessions and register for our upcoming trainings.

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