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TB-299 3HP: Enough "Horse Power" to drive the national TB Infection agenda?

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David Ashkin, MD   David Griffith, MD   Andrey Borisov, MD   Neela Goswami, MD, MPH  

Course Description


  • Interpret current national TB control priorities in the context of the recent CDC recommendations for use of 3HP to achieve optimal care for patients with latent TB infection.  
  • List important pharmacological aspects of rifapentine alone and in combination with INH including toxicities to prevent primary drug resistance in patients with TB disease.
  • Outline the evidence for the efficacy and safety of 3HP treatment of latent TB to apply in the care of patients with latent TB infection.
  • Investigate alternative latent TB treatment strategies for patients who are not candidates for 3HP for the purpose of improving their treatment outcomes.

For the webinar overview:  https://sntc.medicine.ufl.edu//Content/Webinars/SupportingDocs//3HP%20Webinar_Overview%20Slides.pdf

Borisov's slides:  https://sntc.medicine.ufl.edu//Content/Webinars/SupportingDocs//3HP%20Webinar_Borisov.pdf

Griffith slides:  https://sntc.medicine.ufl.edu//Content/Webinars/SupportingDocs//3HP%20Webinar_Griffith.pdf

Q&A:  https://sntc.medicine.ufl.edu//Content/Webinars/SupportingDocs//3HP%20Webinar%20Questions.docx

Transcript:  https://sntc.medicine.ufl.edu//Content/Webinars/SupportingDocs//3HP%20Enough%20Horse%20Power%20to%20drive%20the%20national%20TB%20Infection%20agenda.pdf



Keywords:  TB, tuberculosis, TB disease, MTB, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, MTB complex, LTBI, latent TB infection, TB infection, 3HP, 12 dose regimen for latent TB infection, rifapentine, isoniazid

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1.5 hours



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